By Jack Kilborn / J.A. Konrath. A little slow going at first, many characters to introduce. But once it gets going, zowie! Really fun and gory and gross. I liked the tie-in to the earlier AFRAID.

It looked like there were four books listed as a series by Jack Kilborn: Afraid, Trapped, Endurance and Haunted House. Now it seems that Kilborn is no longer being used as a pen name, and there is an 11-book series being called “The Konrath Dark Thriller Collective,” of which those are numbers three through six.

I’m keeping with the original series of four. I read Endurance a while ago, and loved it. Quick, action-packed, silly and disgusting. Had a real Jack Ketchum vibe, but a bit goofier. I’m not sure how it ties in to Afraid and Trapped: I dimly recall a giant as bad guy, who may also have been in Afraid. Maybe that’s the connection.

I think I’ll press on to Haunted House next.

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