By Jack Kilborn / J.A. Konrath. A little slow going at first, many characters to introduce. But once it gets going, zowie! Really fun and gory and gross. I liked the tie-in to the earlier AFRAID.

It looked like there were four books listed as a series by Jack Kilborn: Afraid, Trapped, Endurance and Haunted House. Now it seems that Kilborn is no longer being used as a pen name, and there is an 11-book series being called “The Konrath Dark Thriller Collective,” of which those are numbers three through six.

I’m keeping with the original series of four. I read Endurance a while ago, and loved it. Quick, action-packed, silly and disgusting. Had a real Jack Ketchum vibe, but a bit goofier. I’m not sure how it ties in to Afraid and Trapped: I dimly recall a giant as bad guy, who may also have been in Afraid. Maybe that’s the connection.

I think I’ll press on to Haunted House next.

Doom Side Of The Moon

Produced by Kyle Shutt and featuring members of The Sword, Brownout, Hard Proof, and Croy and The Boys, this is a heavy metal celebration of Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon”. LPs, CDs, and more are available at

Woman caught on video carrying pig’s head

Authorities believe that woman is Amarillis Cermeno, 54, who is charged with stealing a Baby Jesus statue from the Nativity scene in front of Sacred Hearts Church and replacing it with the severed head of a pig.

photo by Mike LaBella | Community News Content

photo by Mike LaBella | Community News Content

She also was arrested for writing “666” on the side of a church.

That officer of the court behind her is checking her out: “Yeah, I’d hit that, Satanist or not.” Or: “She smells like dill pickles on an everything bagel.”